Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cake Class

The month of July was just about the busiest month ever.  We had our first craft fair which entailed not only baking, sewing, and decorating but also figuring out the business side of things, which is totally new to us! We also tackled two Wilton cake decorating courses in July as well.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours we worked away in a ridiculously hot room at the craft store to hone our cake decorating skills.  Here are a few of our projects and designs!

Our 1st Tuesday class we made cookies and took them in to learn the basics of decorating.

Our 1st Thursday class we made gumpaste flowers.  Button flowers and pansies.

Our 2nd Tuesday class we made cakes and learned to easy ice them and the basics of character transfer.

Our 2nd Thursday class we learned to make a whole bunch of different kinds of flowers including rose buds, daffodils, apple blossoms, and primroses.

Our 3rd Tuesday class we decorated cupcakes, which is definitely one of my favorites!

Our 3rd Thursday class we made roses, violets, and lilies. (We didn't take pictures but we included them on our last cakes!)

Our last Tuesday class we designed and decorated our final cake.

Our last Thursday class we designed and decorated another cake.  This one we did chocolate cake with chocolate icing to mix things up.

We had a blast in our classes and we learned alot of valuable information.  But we are also glad that July is over too :)

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