Monday, August 23, 2010

August in Cakes

The month of August has brought on some new challenges in the cake department.  We revel in challenges and in learning new techniques.  We helped celebrate the end of a softball season, a new little baby girl's baptism, an impending wedding, and a surprise birthday party.  We made mistakes, had major beef with the humidity affecting our icing, and found ourselves at odds over the thickness of a cake.  This month has been a month of learning and growing and CAKE!

Here is a cake sample for someone who was interested in our new little business.  
White cake, buttercream icing.
I tried out a new piping technique with the icing roses.  I think it turned out quite nicely.

To end a season of softball on a sweet note we made a softball jersey.

White cake with buttercream icing colored to match a similar counterpart.
Which one is real? :)

Our next project was for a sweet little one's baby baptism.
You will have to humor me with the amount of pictures of this cake.  It was definitely a favorite of mine!  The bottom layer was chocolate and the top was yellow cake.  Simple pink colored buttercream with buttercream border and pearls.
Fondant cross with fondant flowers.

We fell in love with pearl luster dust, coating the flowers and the cross and even the buttercream pearls!
Here you can see why we have beef with the humidity.  Thankfully, with some very gentle hands, we straightened out this little crease. 

Our next project is pretty self explanatory.  It was someone's birthday.  Guess her age...

Dark fudge chocolate cake (yum!) and almond icing (extra yum!).

Now these are some fabulous birthday colors!
Our last cake of the month was for a bridal shower.  Just beachy...

White cake with buttercream icing and white chocolate shells with a special trick (brown sugar) for sand.
Our fancy "shell border".  I know this is probably not funny to anyone but me, but I cracked up the whole time while applying these little chocolate shells.  I did a shell border out of icing for the top and a "shell border" out of real shells.  Come on now, its funny right?
Best tasting sand you will ever find.
This bridal shower cake is even more exciting because we are also doing their wedding cake in just 2 weeks!!  We are both thrilled to be able to help celebrate their marriage.  

Tip of the day:  My Gilmore Girls education has taught me to say congratulations to the groom and best wishes to the bride.  Now don't forget it!

I hope August has found each of you well and I hope your week starts out sweetly simple!

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